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UPDATE Valero Shooting


Jernard Black and Martrevious Sanders are in custody in Redwing, MN.

Investigators from TCSO have spoken with the Sheriff there and were advised to share this information. These subjects were located in Redwing, MN by the MN Highway Patrol and are being held in Goodhun County Jail.

Eric Brandon Jr. is now in custody at the Tunica County Sheriff's Office.

Jimmy Dotson has been identified as the driver of the grey in color Toyota Camry that the suspects can be seen arriving to and leaving from the scene in the video previously shared by Tunica County Sheriff's Office concerning the shooting that occurred early Sunday morning at Valero.

The Tunica County Sheriff's Office has an active warrant for accessory after the fact for Dotson.

The Tunica County Sheriff's Office ask anyone with information pertaining to his whereabouts to please contact the Tunica County Crime Stoppers at 662-910-0400. ALL CALLS REMAIN ANONYMOUS! Any information leading to an arrest can pay up to $1,000.


Valero Shooting


PIO NUMBER:              2020-01-26 

CASE NUMBER:           20-03590 

DATE OF INCIDENT:    01-26-2020 

TIME OF INCIDENT:    Approximately 2:32 a.m. 

LOCATION:                   1433 U.S. Highway 61 North, TUNICA, MS  37686 (Valero) 

VICTIM(S):                    Tyrone Williams 

SUSPECT(S):                 Martrevious Sanders, Eric Brandon, Jr., and Jernard Black 





On early Sunday Morning, January 26, 2020, at approximately 0232 Hours, the Tunica County Sheriff's Office received information, via radio, advising of shots fired in the area Valero, located at 1433 U.S. Highway North, in Tunica, Mississippi. Just seconds later, the Tunica County Sheriff's Office, Communications Center, received an E-911 call pertaining to this shooting. 


The Tunica County Sheriff's Office, Communications Center, dispatched/relayed this information to the Town of Tunica Police Department Officers and Sheriff's Office Deputies. 


A Town of Tunica Police Officer, while on routine patrol, heard what he believed to be gunshots coming from this area (Delta Street and U.S. Highway 61, near Valero) turned onto Delta Avenue, in route to Valero, he was confronted by two (2) individuals running toward his patrol unit. One (1) of these individuals varnished a firearm toward the officer and was shot once by the officer. 


On arrival at Valero, Deputies located one (1) individual, inside the business that had been shot several times. The Communications Center dispatched Pafford Ambulance Service and the Tunica Volunteer Fire Department First Responders to the scene.  


This individual (Tyrone Williams, Black Male, Age 21, of 2669 Kirby Road, Apartment # 1203) was treated on the scene and later transported by Pafford Ambulance Service to Region One (The Med) in Memphis, Tennessee.  


The Tunica County Sheriff's Office Investigators have obtained following warrants on the following individuals; 


Eric Brandon, Jr. (AKA: Bubba) of 1035 U Street, Tunica, MS - Accessory  Jernard Black (AKA: Nard) of 2100 Riverview Drive Apt. B-8, Robinsonville,MS - armed robbery and attempted murder  Martrevious Sanders (AKA: Blue) of 944 Nellie Johnson Drive, Tunica, MS - aggravated assault   

These individuals are considered armed and dangerous. 


The individual involved in the incident on Delta Street in the Town of Tunica, was also treated on the scene and later transported to Baptist Desoto Medical Center, by Pafford Ambulance Service. 


At the request of Mayor and Chief of Police, of the Town of Tunica, the Tunica County Sheriff's Office will conduct the investigation of the shooting of the individual, at Valero; and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations will conduct the investigation of the officer involved shooting, that occurred on Delta Street in the Town of Tunica. 


The name and condition of the individual and officer, involved in the incident that occurred on Delta Street, in the Town of Tunica, are not being released by the Tunica County Sheriff's Office, due to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations being the primary investigating agency on this case. 


The Tunica County Sheriff's Office request the media outlets to show their viewers the video of the shooting and the photographs of the above-named individuals. 


The Tunica County Sheriff, K. C. Hamp, Sr., ask anyone with information pertaining to this incident please contact the Sheriff's Office at 662-363-1411 or if you wish to remain anonymous, you may contact the Tunica County Crime Stoppers at 662-910-0400. 

River Pointe Shooting



PIO NUMBER:              2020-01-05       

DATE OF INCIDENT:    01-05-2020 

TIME OF INCIDENT:    9:23 P.M. (2123 Hours) 

LOCATION:                   River Pointe Apartments - 11595 Old Highway 61 N Robinsonville, MS 38664 



Sunday night, January 5, 2020, the Tunica County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call stating shots had been fired at River Pointe Apartments behind building 4G located at 11595 Old Highway 61 N in Robinsonville, MS 38664. One subject was reported to have a gunshot wound. Deputies and first responders were dispatched to the scene. 


Upon arrival, deputies discovered one subject who stated he had been shot. The subject was treated by Pafford on scene, and later transported by air (Pafford AirOne) to Region One Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee where he was treated and later released. 


The victim's father was notified, and the victim was identified as 17-year-old black male. All information relating to the victim is being held. Evidence was collected at the scene and was processed and placed into evidence. 


While on scene, deputies were informed by the victim and witnesses of two vehicles leaving the scene at a high rate of speed at the same time of the incident. 


Later, Tunica Police Department made contact with one of the vehicles and the driver refused to stop. The driver of the vehicle lost control on Nellie Johnson Drive. The driver, identified as Deshun Isabell, is being detained by Tunica County Sheriff's Office for questioning.  


The Tunica County Sheriff's Office is currently seeking information on other subjects related to the incident. Any individual with information is encouraged to call Tunica County Sheriff's Office at 662-363-1411 or Crime Stoppers at 662-910-0400. 

Annual TRIAD Christmas Luncheon - 2019

Tunica County Sheriff's Office hosted its annual TRIAD Christmas luncheon at the G. W. Henderson Rec. Center December 18, 2019. TRIAD stands for "The Right Information And Direction," and is a program funded through one of the grants the Sheriff's Office is fortunate enough to receive through the Mississippi Leadership Council on Aging, through the Division of Public Safety Planning. The program focuses on filling a vital need for ensuring safety to the Tunica County senior population.

The seniors were served a delicious, hot meal thanks to the hard work and preparation of Ms. Yvonne Franklin. Attendees enjoyed devotions, prayers, praises, and music from Pastor Evelyn Hubbard, Pastor Ben Pratt, Pastor Billy Willis, Mrs. Rechelle Siggers, Tunica County Sheriff's Office Choir, Pastor Henry Hargrow, Pastor Hylon Oliver, Pastor McKinley Daley & Company, Mr. W. J. Johnson, and Sheriff K.C. Hamp.

Thanks to generous donations, attendees got the chance to enter their name into a drawing for door prizes. Pastor Evelyn Hubbard led the program yesterday. She kept guests entertained and engaged with her beautiful voice, singing and reminding the seniors of the blessings they have received and would continue to receive. Pastor Hubbard was one of our generous donors for the door prizes, and we graciously thank her for blessing the seniors and giving so selflessly.

Sheriff K. C. Hamp welcomed all of the guest,s and wished them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! He expressed his sincere gratitude for all of those that work and give to make the TRIAD events possible, and able to continue with each year. The Sheriff also expressed his love and cares for the seniors, and reminded them to be extra safe this holiday season. He conveyed his mission to continue seeing and serving each and every one of the TRIAD seniors in the days and years to come as he reflected on the TRIAD 2019 season and looks forward to TRIAD events in 2020.

Ms. Rechelle Siggers sang 'One Day at a Time' singing, "Do you remember when you walked among men? Well Jesus you know if you're looking below it's worse now than then, pushing and shoving, crawding my mind. So for my sake teach me to take one day at a time - one day at a time sweet Jesus that's all I'm asking from you: give me the strength to do everyday what I have to do.Yesterday's gone sweet Jesus, and tomorrow may never be mine. Yes just for my sake teach me to take one day at a time."

Pastor Hargrow delivered an encouraging message. He said, "The Bible says we have been made - I was one of the ones who was made. Life has not always been easy - but we are here! Life is truly a gift. There is no need to worry about yesterday. It is gone and over, and tomorrow may never happen - what we have is right now. And what a blessing right now is!"

Captain Barry Collins delivered a message on safety tips for the seniors, reminding them to be extremely cautious this time of year with space heaters, ensuring their smoke detectors worked, and keeping the batteries charged on their phones. As the temperatures continue to drop and winter makes its presence known, Captain Collins reminded the seniors to make sure their heat was working, and they would stay warm as the frigid cold begins to set in. If it was not working properly, he urged seniors to call the Sheriff's Office and have an officer come by to check it out to ensure their safety is established and maintained.

Pastor McKinley Daley & Company, Mr. W. J. Johnson, Mr. David Ellington, and other members of the band blessed guests with a number of songs and praises. The seniors in attendance were seen dance, clapping, swaying, and enjoying the music from the time they arrived, until the very end of the program. The Tunica County Sheriff's Office is so appreciative of them coming out to our TRIAD events to play music and bless our seniors.

The luncheon was in memory of TRIAD seniors that passed away in 2019 whose names were printed on the program and candles lit in their honor.  Pastor Oliver read the names of those loved ones which are: Albert Pearson, Arlene D'Angelo, Glendine Lewis, Fannie Scott, Earnestine Austin, A.D. Fuller, Mary Irby, Margaree Logan, Elmer Thaddies, Louise Knighten, Eddie Davis, Alma Reed, Alice Bland, Freddie Johnson, Lee Earl Boyd, Maggie Blackmon, and Sharon Mangum. Pastor Oliver blessed all that have gone before us, and prayed that God will continue to bless every Pastor, Evangelist, Christian, and Child of God.


Tunica County Sheriff's Office to participate in "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over"

News Release


December 13, 2019

Tunica County Sheriff's Office to participate in "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over"


Tunica, Miss. - The Tunica County Sheriff's Office will be participating in the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign conducted by the Mississippi Office of Highway Safety. This is a period of high visibility enforcement by law enforcement agencies. This campaign will run now through January 2020.


The campaign urges drivers to "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over," however; that is only the beginning of violations law enforcement officers will be searching for and enforcing. While conducting these saturated patrol shifts, officers will be seeking those driving under the influence, not wearing their seat belts, children not properly situated in child restraint devices, suspended licenses, uninsured motorists, speeding, and reckless driving. Officers will be making arrests and issuing citations when necessary.

The Tunica County Sheriff's Office actively solicits and encourages the cooperation of all citizens to reduce and limit the opportunities for crime, and to assist in bringing justice to those that break the law. The "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign helps the TCSO enforce this principle.



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Administrative Offices Closed for Veteran's Day

The Administrative Offices of the Tunica County Sheriff's Office will be closed Monday, November 11, 2019 in observance of Veteran's Day. The phones will still be available 24 hours at 662-363-1411. For emergencies, remember to dial 911. Regular office hours will resume Tuesday, November 12, 2019.

Shooting in Old Sub - Halloween Night



PIO NUMBER:              2019-31-10     

DATE OF INCIDENT:    10-31-2019

TIME OF INCIDENT:    10:48 P.M. (2248 Hours)

LOCATION:                   OLD SUB AREA - ANDERSON STREET/EDWARDS AVENUE - TUNICA, MS  37686                



Thursday night, October 31, 2019, Tunica County Sheriff's Office received multiple 911 calls reporting shots fired on or near Anderson Street and Edwards Avenue in the Old Sub area in Tunica. One caller advised of one black male suffering gunshot wounds.

Deputies and first responders were dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, it was discovered the victim needed medical attention. Pafford transported the subject to the Tunica Airport to be transported by air (Pafford AirOne) to Region One Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Tunica County Sheriff's Office is not releasing the name of the victim at this time. An update to victim's condition is currently unknown.

This is an ongoing investigation. The Sheriff's Office is asking that anyone with information pertaining to the crime, please contact the Tunica County Sheriff's Office at (662) 363-1411 or Tunica County Crime Stoppers at (662) 910-0400.

Chief Deputy and Warden Honored for 16 Years of Loyal Service

Warden Reginald Boykin and Chief Deputy Randy Stewart were surprised with a luncheon in their honor to show appreciation for the vital role they play in the success of Sheriff Hamp's administration. These two individuals have been a part of the Sheriff's team since his first term in 2004. Sheriff Hamp explained that his administration has seen various people come and go for a multitude of reasons.

He expressed his thankfulness that Warden Boykin and Chief Stewart have stood by his side since day one, and that they will continue to stand with him as he enters his fifth term. The Sheriff thanked each of their wives also, Faye Stewart and Jacqueline Boykin, for allowing their husbands to serve - even when serving has meant answering and responding to calls in the middle of the night.

Sheriff Hamp paid tribute to Warden Boykin and Chief Stewart by presenting each man a plaque for 16 years of outstanding direction, leadership, and service on the Command Staff and for their devotion, dedication, and hard work for the Tunica County Sheriff's Office.




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Hunter Safety

Always keep the barrel of your firearm pointed in a safe direction. Firearms should be unloaded when not in use. Don't rely on your gun's safety. Treat all firearms as if they're loaded and ready to fire. Be sure of your target and what's beyond it. Use proper ammunition. Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting. Learn the mechanical and handling characteristics of the firearm you are using. Treat a misfire as though the gun could fire at any moment. Make sure the gun is unloaded before attempting to clean it. Do not use alcohol or drugs while handling a firearm. Keep your finger out of the trigger guard and off the trigger until ready to shoot. Never cross a fence, climb a tree or stand or jump a ditch with a loaded gun. Never load a firearm until you are ready to use it.  Always unload firearms before riding in any vehicle, including ATVs.  Watch your muzzle so the other hunter doesn't have to. Dress for the weather. Wear hunter orange so you can be seen. If you take a dog with you, make sure it also wears bright colors. Know the range of your firearm. Remember, even a .22 rim fire can travel over 1-1/2 miles. Tell someone where you're going and when you plan to return. If you move from one area to another advise someone. Carry a flashlight while walking through the hunting area before or after daylight. Be familiar with the area you want to hunt.
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Flash Flood Watch - Safe Driving Tips

Portions of Northern Mississippi, including Tunica and surrounding counties Tate, DeSoto, Coahoma, and Quitman are under a flash flood watch now through Saturday afternoon. Please continue to monitor weather conditions!

If you have to travel in these rainy conditions, be sure to follow our tips to be safe while there is water in the roadway:

1. TIME - give yourself plenty of time and do NOT rush. Highway 61 is known for holding water in the roadway, allow plenty of time to get to and from your destination, especially if traveling this highway.
2. LIGHTS - turn on your headlights. Help yourself see and be seen by other drivers!
3. DO NOT SPEED - obey speed limit signs and slow down in heavier rain conditions. If your view becomes obstructed, find a safe area to pull over out of the roadway until the rain lightens up.
4. DISTANCE - leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Should you or the vehicle in front of you have to stop suddenly, it is important to have enough space to safely do so.
5. ATTENTION - do not drive distracted. Pay attention to road signs, do not use your cellphone or other handheld electronic devices, and be aware of changing road conditions as well as other drivers.

If you have any additional tips for drivers to follow while driving in the rain, be sure to comment them below!

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