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From the Sheriff - April 9, 2020


April 9, 2020

On April 8, 2020, I, K.C. Hamp (Sheriff of Tunica County), released a letter concerning COVID-19 and our faith-based community in the matter of keeping our community safe and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

I encourage you to visit our Facebook page (Tunica County Sheriff's Office) to review COVID-19 information as we post it daily. Tunica County Sheriff's Office COVID-19 compliance officers have a duty and responsibility to make sure that we are all in compliance of
COVID-19 CDC guidelines.

I was asked a question concerning parking lot ministry, after the Wednesday weekly faith-based conference call. However, we shared the Governor's response as well. Our language clearly states if you run the risk of having people to come out, then that responsibility rest withyou. If someone in the community becomes, or is actively symptomatic, from not practicing social distancing, it can create fear for others throughout the county.

We are not positioning ourselves to arrest people, but to educate our people.

Those of you who want to have parking lot ministry on Easter Sunday, I strongly advise you to have people remain in their cars and not to get out.

My friends, we only can give account of where we have been. We cannot give account of where others have been. You may feel fine this hour or this day, but in the next few days, you may feel sick.

Our EMS calls are through the roof and our EMS personnel are over worked from responding to call after call. They need our support.
Doctors and nurses have lost lives in the field. We are paying homage and respects to them daily with our bells, sirens, and horns.

Doctors and nurses are pleading with people by holding signs asking you to stay home, so they can stay at work in our hospitals and clinics. When the doctors are asking people to call over the phone and not come in, folks, this is SERIOUS!

I encourage all ministers and community leaders - let us hear from you. Go to our Tunica County Sheriff's Office Facebook page so that the public can read and hear your thoughts and ideas.

You are the leaders my friends.
Humbly Submitted,
K.C. Hamp, Sheriff

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