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Special Operations

Tunica County Sheriff's Office and the Narcotics Division put forth a collaborative effort with federal, state, and local agencies to fight crimes and drug crimes throughout Tunica County to ensure a quality of life for all.

Drugs have affected millions of families which cause the need for rehabilitation, long prison terms and even death. That my friends are beyond a local problem, it is everyone's problem, because it affects us all.

Today you can help by reporting Drug Crime and remain anonymous. If you have a friend or love one who abuse drugs, please contact us so we can help. If you have a drug dealer in your community, it's the same as having a terrorist; they also kill, but slower. Before you become the next victim, please let us know you care by contacting us (662) 363-1411 or Tunica County Crime Stoppers at (662) 910-0400 or by email.

Emergency Response Team
The Emergency Response Team is trained and equipped to handle a variety of potentially dangerous situations. The team maintains tactical certification and continuously train for various types of operations.

The team was compiled on a volunteer basis, as the members are full time Deputy Sheriff and train on their own time.

  • Active Shooter
  • High Risk Arrest Warrants/ Federal and Local
  • Fugitive Arrest
  • Support Narcotics Department Operations
Crime Tip Hotline
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