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Harvest time

🚜‼️ Harvest season is underway in Tunica County! Please use caution on our rural roads and highways. Our farmers have jobs to do & families to go home to, please be careful!
Sharing for perspective:
"I see you. Not the flashing lights or the giant tires. I see the farmer. I see you looking back every three seconds, trying to get over because I've been following you for three km and you worry I'm getting angry and impatient. I see you look back twice as fast because the oncoming traffic is gone but we're coming up on a intersection and you hope I know that. You hope I know there's already two crosses on the SW corner of that 4 way because the car in front of me didn't and they flew by you right in the middle of it. Well I see you, and I see the standing water in the fields and I see it's quarter to 7 and you're still at work while I'm on my way home to see my family on a Friday night. You're not in my way; I'm in the middle of your office and your work and your livelihood. I'll follow you all the way home, I don't mind. It gives me time to slow down and breathe. Everyone can benefit from a few minutes spent behind that combine."
post credit: Sara Stevens
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