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Welcome back to school today students!!! This year is going to be your best yet! Good luck and always remember Tunica County Sheriff's Office is behind you to support you every step of the way this year!
Safety is one of our very concerns, and it starts at HOME, first. Before your child or children leave home for school, check their pockets, book bags, and purses. While checking these items, look for any type of contraband, drugs, weapons, or anything that is unsafe and not allowed for your child or children, or even on school campus. After your child has left home, go into their bedrooms, and look through their things. Raise their mattresses and check under their beds. Look through their cell phones and social media - make sure they are not doing anything to cause harm to themselves or others.
When your children are at home, sit them down and talk to them and see where their minds are. Make sure that they are not experiencing bullying at school or online. If your child is being bullied, report it. Notify your child's administrator and school resource officer. Advise your child that if they see something, SAY SOMETHING!
We hope everyone has a great first day!Feel free to share your first day back & Drop your back to school pics in the comments!
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