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Thank You!


August 9, 2023


Greetings to all,

I would like to thank each of you for participating in the election process throughout Tunica County.
Our democracy allows anyone to run for public office if you so wish. Congratulations to all the candidates who participated, there are no losers... we all are winners because we participated and are champions in the hearts of our family and friends.
There was a lot of lack of interest during the primary election, let's continue to encourage one another to take part in the election process - there are so many people who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the right to vote and have fair elections. Always remember, if you do not vote, you cannot complain.
Electing candidates of your choice to lead your state, county, city, and country is a serious undertaking. We all have one duty and that is to provide good government so that we all may enjoy a quality of life.
Your friend and Sheriff,
K.C. Hamp
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