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A message from Sheriff Hamp as we comemorate 9-11 today:
22 years ago today, there was a mother who bundled her little girl up, and took her to daycare, and headed to the towers for work.
There was a father, who took his son to school - not ever imagining it would be the last hug and pat on the head... one last time.
I can only imagine...
When the alarms went off for first responders - fire and police went to rescue and render aid... not knowing when they left home, it would be their last breakfast, last kiss to their spouse, hug to their children.. one kind gesture spoken - "stay safe out there" never imagining their loved one wouldn't be returning home that day.
I can only imagine...
The children that were left behind, whom never knew their moms and dads, has to know that the Lord is a Way Maker and a Miracle Worker - and they now know who they were.
They have to know that the Father has prepared a home, laid up for them to enjoy the streets that are paved with gold, bearing their own street name "First Responder"
When you think about our first responders, the word courage should come to mind. The Great Philosopher Aristotle quoted "Courage is the first human qualities, because it is the quality which guarantees the others." I challenge you today to go in peace while we celebrate, no matter what war we're faced with, whether its personal or abroad - VICTORY belongs to Jesus.
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