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Freezing Temps.. BE PREPARED


Have you seen the weather forecast coming up in a few days?!?! It shows temperatures staying below freezing for several days, so NOW is the time to be prepared to drip your indoor faucets to keep your pipes from freezing and possibly breaking!
💧Which do I run, hot or cold water? Run the cold water faucet.
💧How much water do I run? You need just a trickle of water to drip so that water is moving through the pipes consistently.
💧How long do I run the water? Let the faucet drip until temperatures are consistently above freezing to be on the safe side.
💧Isn't it expensive to let the faucet drip? At the rate the water is dripping, it will fill a gallon pitcher in about an hour. At current rates, this will cost about 2 cents per night to drip one faucet. Much cheaper than broken pipes and water damage!
💧Can't I just open the cabinet doors? Opening the cabinets to allow warm air into those enclosed spaces can help and is recommended. Typically this is effective in the kitchen and bathrooms. That said, most pipe problems happen in less accessible places.
Uninsulated pipes in uninsulated spaces, especially garages, crawl spaces, and attics, are more likely to have problems with pipes freezing. That is why insulating exposed plumbing is so important.
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